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What to bring when you apply

Barclays and non-Barclays account holders

  • Certificate of incorporation or registration
  • Partnership deed (only for partnerships)
  • Certified company’s resolution to borrow (only for companies)
  • Certified company form 7 (only for companies)
  • Memorandum & articles of association (only for companies)
  • Latest annual returns and filing receipts (only for companies)
  • Statement of particulars of proprietor(s) (only for sole proprietors & partnerships)
  • 3 years trading licenses for new loan applications, 1 year for top up loans
  • Latest management accounts
  • 3 years audited accounts
  • TIN document
  • Identification document for directors /proprietors (Passport: mandatory for foreign nationals/National ID/Driver’s License)
  • CV for each proprietor/director
  • Passport photo
  • Copy of company financial card
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