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Exclusive Services

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VIP Protection

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A Premier Bank Account lets you bank the way you want

With preferential rates, rewards, world-class treatment and expert advice, Premier Account holders are guaranteed to bank exactly the way they want.

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Premier Current Account

Get priority service and worldclass solutiuons conveniently packaged for everyday transactions.

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Foreign Currency Savings Account

Available in all four major currencies with no monthly fees.

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Premier Bonus Savings Account

Continue to build your financial future with this account while earning tiered, bonus interest on your deposits.

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High Rate Savings Account

You know all about transacting and the value of saving. So transact and save at the same time, with a higher interest rate.

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Make that impossible possible with a Premier Loan

Timeous solutions, greater possibilities, more options all becomes possible with a Premier Loan. Whether long-term or short-term, your Relationship Manager will help you with the exact loan you need.

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Premier Unsecured Loan

Our Premier Loans offer you competitive interest rates. Your repayments start one month after you first withdraw.

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Secured Loans

Available at competitive rates and secured on the asset, the loan is repayable over a flexible period.

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Home Loans

Bring your plans to life with loan amounts of up to UGX 1Bn or USD 300,000 with preferential interest rates.

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Platinum Credit Card

Designed for our Premier customers, the Platinum Credit Card makes the right statement: You’re a VIP.

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Keeping you safe and protected is always our priority 

Making you feel safe and in good hands is all part of what we do. Our various insurance protection plans will give you added peace of mind.

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Life Cover

Upon death of a premier customer (the life assured) a sum assured of UGX 25,000,000 is paid to the legal beneficiaries of the life assured.

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Funeral Cover

A non-cash funeral expense amounting up to UGX 6,000,000 is paid out to your family to meet the burial expenses.

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Salary Retrenchment Cover

A sum assured of up to UGX 10,000,000 per month for a period of 3 months is payable as a result of loss of employment due to retrenchment.

  • Eligibility for Life Cover

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    Eligibility for Life Cover
    • Maximum age for entry into the insurance scheme shall be capped at 65 years
      For customers joining at 65 years, life insurance cover will cease at 70 years
      For customers joining before 65 years, life insurance cover will cease at age of 85 years
      For Premier Banking pioneers (Accounts opened in 2010 and before), cover will be open

    Kindly note that you will only be eligible for the retrenchment/life insurance cover if you constantly meet your monthly account maintenance fees on Uganda shillings denominated Premier Current Account.

  • Exclusions

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    Death and Permanent Total Disability

    Death, permanent total disability or insanity arising directly or indirectly from any of the following is excluded:

    • Aviation, except for passengers and crew of airlines and private flying purely for transport purposes
    • Atomic energy and/or nuclear fission or reaction
    • Intake of illegal drugs
    • Self-inflicted injury with intention to cause death or disability
    • Direct involvement in war, warlike situation, riot and/or civil unrest
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    A customer shall not be eligible for benefits under this policy:

    • If the life assured is self-employed or an employee of a family owned business and a member of the same family
    • In respect of unemployment occurring due to:
      • Resignation
      • The expiry of a non-renewable fixed term contract
      • A contract of temporary or casual nature
      • Fair or unfair dismissal in terms of the contract of employment
    • If the claim is as a result of pregnancy, childbirth or abortion
    • If unemployment is due to fraud, dishonesty or any illegal conduct on the part of the Life Assured
    • In respect of unemployment as a result of the life assured’s participation in any strike action, labour disturbance, unrest, political activity, civil commotion, public disorder or riot
  • Claims Process

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    Claims Process

    Customer fills in claims form and attaches all required documents and submits all to the branch manager within 30 days after the occurrence of the event in case of retrenchment and within 6 months in case of death.

    Documents include:

    1. Death

    • A claim form filled by the life assured.
    • Documented proof of death; death certificate, a post-mortem certificate of cause of death in case of death in a hospital/clinic (a local council one letter signed by at least three officials including the chairman and should be under the council stamp in case of death at home not acceptable)
    • In case of death traceable to an accident, a police report is a necessary requirement in addition any death post-mortem certificate
    • In case of a presumed death, a police report, LC letter and a letter from the employer is a mandatory requirement

    2. Retrenchment

    • Customer should adhere to the 6 months waiting period and salary must have hit his/her account for at least 6 consecutive months
    • Claim form duly filled by the life assured
    • Documentary proof of such retrenchment stating clearly the reason for the same
    • At least one original payslip in the last 5 months prior to loss of job
    • Bank statement for the life assured for the 3 months prior to the loss of job
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A world of banking in the palm of your hand

With Premier Banking you manage your money when it's convenient for you - online, on the phone or at our exclusive centres.

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Relationship Management

A dedicated relationship manager you can always rely on to help you with your banking. Our Relationship Managers receive world class training, and they will work with you to understand your needs and provide help or planning for the future.

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Global Premier Centres

Enjoy exclusive access to Premier-only branches in the world's leading cities, from Abu Dhabi to Milan, from Paris to New Delhi.

Our Global premier countries

  • Uganda
  • Botswana
  • UAE
  • UK
  • Portugal
  • Mauritius
  • India
  • Zambia
  • Spain
  • Ghana

As a premier customer, you can access the above mentioned flagship branches. Simply notify your Premier team and they will ensure that the branch is aware of your visit.

Comfortable yet business-like, with spaces designed to let you bank, relax and work. Do all your banking in comfort or take a break from your busy day, help yourself to refreshment and relax on a designer sofa or deal with business. Barclays Premier Flagship branches have private meeting rooms with all technology and refreshments you could want.

Treat it as your home away from home, or office away from the office, wherever you are.

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Internet Banking

As a Premier customer you can manage your account from the comfort of your home, office or even on the move through our Internet Banking service. The Internet Banking service is designed to make your life much easier as long as you have internet access and your phone. Complete numerous transactions without having to visit a centre.

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Online Statements

Make life easier. Register for online banking and have all your statements delivered to you online.

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Mobile Banking

Complete payments, do transfers or check your statements from any mobile device.

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Premier Priority

With priority tills and deidicated banking environment, you will fast track your banking and get back to your day quicker.

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On Call

Our Premier Banking team are just one phone call away. Whether you have an unexpected financial issue or simply want to transfer money between your accounts, our friendly helpful team are dedicated to helping you.

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Good business is always about the right partnerships

The "new language of luxury" is fast, accessible and conscientious. As a Premier Banking customer we know that you deserve the best and that’s why we have created exclusive rewards and benefits for you to enjoy. It's our way of saying Thank you. The benefits include the backbone of our alliance programme* and how we are re-defining the nature of the banking relationship, as a whole. We have partnered with the most exclusive brands to offer a range of benefits in various categories that transcend the conventional boundaries of banking:

List of alliance partners

  • Health & Well-being

    Partner Service offered
    Contact number
    Headlines Hair & Beauty Parlour
    • Receive a 20% discount on services costing more than UGX 30,000.
    Soothing Spot Spa
    • 12% discount on any treatment of your choice(Must show their cards).
    • 10 minutes complimentary foot massage.
    • A free facial scrub with Shea butter and coconut.
    • Glass of Juice or herbal tea.
    • A complimentary steam bath and sauna treatment.
    • 20% discount off the rack rate on annual membership of the gym with the following discounts:
      • Open access to our physiotherapist and sport scientists in the Gym.
      • Every morning and evening fitness dance classes which include Zumba, hip hop, Salsa, Children Saturday activities and many more.
      • Access to steam bath and sauna.
      • Full time access to our gym with modern Technology equipment.
      • One aromatherapy relaxing body massage per month.

    Soothing Spot Spa


  • Liquor

    Partner Service offering Contact number
    Uganda Duty Free Sales and Uganda wines and Spirits Distributors
    • 10% discount on services.

    All items purchased from;

    • Uganda Duty Free Sales
      •  Departure lounge Entebbe International Airport.
      • Departure Lounge Entebbe International Airport.
    • Uganda Wines and Spirits Distributors
      • Arrivals Lounge Entebbe International Airport.
      • Luwum Street
      •  Garden City
      • Acacia Avenue


  • Hospitality (Hotels, Bars & Restaurants)

    Partner Service offering Contact number
    Marasa Africa

    Receive a 10% discount on Room rates:

    • Mweya Safari Lodge
    • Paraa Lodge
    • Chobe Lodge
    • Silverback lodge
    • Jinja Sailing Club
    Kampala Serena Hotel
    • 5% discount on food at all restaurants at Kampala Serena.
    • 2 Children below 5years have free food and accommodation in this case, the child is not sharing a room with the parents, and the charges are 75% of the parent’s room rate.
    • Honeymoon Suite of USD 272 with free photo-shoot.

    Weekend accommodation at Kampala Serena.

    • 200 USD (Taxes inclusive)-bed and breakfast (single).
    • 220 USD (Taxes inclusive)-bed and breakfast (Double).
    Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa
    • 5% discount at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa.
    • 10% discount at the Maisha Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa.
    • 2 Children below 5years have free food and accommodation in this case, the child is not sharing a room with the parents, and the charges are 75% of the parent’s room rate.
    • Honeymoon Suite of USD 272 with free photo-shoot.

    Weekend accommodation at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa.

    • 175 USD bed and breakfast (Single).
    • 185USD bed and breakfast (Double).
    The Lawns
    • 10% discount on total bills spent at the restaurant.
    Guvnor Uganda
    • 50% discount on entrance fees.
    Ssese Island Beach Hotel
    • 15% discount at the hotel.
    • Have access to the Golf Course.
    • Discount not applicable in the peak season and prices at the hotel can change without notice.
  • Computers

    Partner Service offering Contact number
    Elite Computers
    • 10% discount on all Apple Macintosh Products exclusive of the iTunes card.
    • Additional 5% discount for purchases of Apple CPUs for educational services.
    • Free hands on training for first time users limited to 2hrs.
    • Free software support for maximum of 3hrs.
    • Regular updates on software releases and new products.
    • Free software updates where applicable.
    • 5% discount on IPhone only when purchased with cash.
    • 10% discount on accessories purchased with cash.

  • Courier Services

    Partners Service offering Contact number
    • Access Express Easy courier discounts on courier services.
    • All packaging services will be offered for free.
    • 10% discount on any import from any of the 220 countries worldwide will be offered on the 5th shipment per card holder.
    • First access to any DHL offers or discounts.
  • Dry Cleaning Services

    Partner Service offering Contact number
    Spot Clean Drycleaners
    • 15% discount on total bill spent at any Spot Clean location.
  • Fashion

    Partner Service offering Contact number 
    • 10% discount on items purchased.
  • Hardware Services

    Partner Service offering Contact number
    Balya Stint Hardware Ltd 5% discounts on things purchased at the hardware +256774762642 and +256703457379
    Hardware world

    Discounts on selected items below:

    • Cement, Iron bars, Nails, Iron Sheets.
    • Electricals.
    • Plumbing materials.
    • Lights.
    • General Hardware and tools.
    • Concrete products (Pavers, blocks, fencing poles).
    • Paint.
    • Any other building material as may be advised by Hardware world.

    All disconts to be concluded on site.

    Hardware world - Ntinda
    T: 0312 512 600
    M: 0772 721 246

    Hardware world - Kyaliwajala
    T: 0392 175 188
    M: 0772 419 657

    Hardware world - Kalagi
    M: 0772 721 246

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