With a Barclays Personal Loan it's your resourcefulness with our resources. Whether you opt for a Barclay Loan or Scheme Loan, our Barclays loan interest rates are competitive and offer you a range of repayment options. Simply choose the loan you need and then apply.

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Barclay Loan

You can use a Barclay Loan to further your studies, finance a car or finally buy that house.

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Scheme Loan

Our scheme loan is a contract we sign with your company to lend you money and then deduct it off your salary.

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Get more value out of your loan with these benefits

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No sudden increases due to fixed interest rates.

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Free credit insurance.

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Competitive Interest Rates.

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Longer loan repayment periods.

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No collateral needed as security.

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Advanced support for you to manage your loan easily.

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Hassle-free application processes and quick approval times.

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